5 Benefits of Customer Feedback

As business owners, managers, or employees, it’s often easy for you to describe what your company offers. We wanted to hear directly from our customers so we recently asked our most frequent users what 5 words they would use to describe Fosubo. The most common answers were as follows:







To elaborate on the 5 words our users gave us to describe our service, Fosubo can increase your customer retention in several ways:

  • Informative: By gathering unbiased customer feedback, made available in real time. Not only do you get to see the customer’s comments, you also have access to the scores they left for each survey question, along with the location and employee that handled the transaction.
  • Helpful: By giving owners and managers the ability to pinpoint problem areas through this feedback and giving them the ability to reach out to at-risk customers. As discussed in a previous blog, resolving a complaint in a customer’s favor means a probability of them doing business with you again 70% of the time (Lee Resources). Resolving a customer’s complaint also helps prevent negative word of mouth exposure!
  • Insightful: Customizable survey questions let you decide what you want to know most. One such question helped one of our clients boost their sales by an average of 8 extra tablets per store, per month!
  • Efficient: By giving you access to customer feedback, employee rankings, statistics for multiple locations, reporting, email updates and so much more, all on one platform! We can also provide additional reports and charts that pinpoint your customers’ most frequent complaints.
  • Easy: Fosubo gathers all the information you need and it’s all accessible in a user friendly platform.

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The ROI of Positive Reinforcement and Happy Employees

According to numerous Gallup studies conducted over the past few decades, businesses with happy employees report greater productivity and customer loyalty, in turn leading to higher profitability. They link these outcomes to employee engagement, citing that happy employees show more enthusiasm and work involvement.

Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, also concurs, “A decade of research proves that happiness raises nearly every business and educational outcome: raising sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy on tasks by 19%, as well as a myriad of health and quality of life improvements.”

company-profitabilityAs I’ve mentioned in previous blogs in this series, one of the biggest influences on employee happiness is being appreciated and recognized for a job well done. This is what we refer to as Positive Reinforcement. The easiest way to accomplish this is by acknowledging an employee’s efforts and showing sincere appreciation for the work that they do. When an employee feels valued, they are more likely to work even harder and aspire to offer exceptional service.

With so many studies reported to substantiate all of this, why is it that it’s almost impossible to find products or services out there to easily implement it? With the help of Fosubo, we make it possible to easily gather your customer feedback and display it in real time onto our platform, enabling your entire organization and employees to receive instant recognition and gratification for a job well done. This also gives managers the opportunity to reach out to customers who have had a negative experience and try to retain the customer’s loyalty. As Bryce Neeley, VP of Sales at Diamond Wireless puts it, “With Fosubo it’s amazing how quickly we can react to recognize employees for a job well done, provide coaching if there is a problem and reach out to save customers.”

What smart and savvy business owner does not want to increase their sales and profitability, and truly know first-hand what their customers are thinking? Fosubo does all the legwork for you! If you’d like to find out more, please contact us today!

How to Boost Positive Reinforcement and Employee Happiness

Have you ever noticed that some customer experiences are nightmares, whereas others can be so pleasant? A lot of times this is linked to the employee’s overall disposition and mood. A happy employee, one that truly enjoys what they’re doing, usually puts the customer first, going above and beyond to ensure excellent service, whereas a miserable employee most times, lets their mood reflect on their interaction with the customer.

Last week we talked about how Positive Reinforcement is crucial in helping boost employee happiness levels, overall morale and job satisfaction. While recognizing an employee’s good work is a great starting point, Fosubo offers tools to help increase and acknowledge their stellar performance.

GroupMe reviews One of these tools is GroupMe. GroupMe is a free messaging service. It’s like a private chat room where you can coordinate, collaborate and send notifications to all the coworkers in your group.

With the Fosubo / GroupMe Integration every positive review received for your store will automatically be posted to your GroupMe group as they come through to our platform. This enables managers and employees to recognize and congratulate team members that are receiving awesome reviews.

This simple and free integration helped one of our clients increase their NPS score by 22 points! You might wonder, how is that even possible? It’s simple really. Employees thrive on recognition and praise for a job well done. Seeing positive comments from customers they have helped, combined with acknowledgement and acclaim from their peers and managers is a huge ego boost. When employees know they are appreciated, they shine and are more likely to excel at offering exceptional levels of service. What better way to do this then with your free GroupMe integration!

If you’d like to find out just how easy this is to set up, please contact us today!

How to Increase Employee Happiness with Positive Reinforcement

It’s no secret that using positive reinforcement greatly helps increase
productivity in the workplace. Numerous studies have shown that employees that aren’t recognized for their good performance tend to be more disengaged and unhappy at work. One study conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor revealed that the number one reason workers left their jobs was because they did not feel appreciated.

Positive reinforcement doesn’t have to be costly, in fact, some of the most
effective positive reinforcement won’t cost you a dime! Though many might think that a good way to retain their best employees is by offering a raise, this often isn’t enough. It’s true what they say, money can’t buy happiness! So what’s the solution?

benefit-teamDid you know that simply recognizing an employee’s good work has been shown to not only motivate them, but also increase their enthusiasm and morale, in turn increasing their level of productivity?
Employees thrive on recognition and praise for a job well done.  The more valued they feel, the more likely they are to work harder and continue to offer an exceptional level of service. Happy employees also have a reduced rate of absenteeism, along with lower levels of stress and burnout.

Strangely enough, there aren’t many programs or services out there that offer positive reinforcement. Here at Fosubo, not only is your customer feedback provided in real time onto our platform, employees receive instant recognition and gratification for a job well done. Additional features such as the Newsfeed and free GroupMe integration also offer great ways to add comments and praise, in turn boosting comradery amongst coworkers, leading to a happier workplace overall.

Being recognized by teammates and management is huge in maintaining employee happiness. What easier way to do it then with Fosubo! If you’d like to find out more, please contact us today!

How Customer Feedback Can Help Your Business

Did you know that a rant on a bad customer service experience will reach twice as many ears as praise for a great experience? (Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs). According to Lee Resources, resolving a complaint in a customer’s favor means a probability of them doing business with you again 70% of the time. Ever wonder what it would be like to get honest, real time feedback from your customers and a way to reach out to them if they’ve had a negative experience? Having this information at your fingertips not only helps you resolve issues and save disgruntled customers, it also helps prevent negative word of mouth exposure.

Last month, we received an email from a customer that wanted to do a follow-up survey. He wrote: “I would like a second opportunity to give [employee name] a review. She is the store manager at the [retail] store at [address]. I was very upset the first review and was harsh with my words. Since that time [she] has contacted me and explained any question I had and has been very helpful. I would like to give her a new review. Thank you.”

We found the Review to be brutally honest and negative.

negative-rev (1)

Having the review available and immediately notified by email of the negative comment and scores, the Manager was able to reach out to the customer, go through all of his concerns and resolve the issue.

Here is the follow-up review:

positive-rev (1)

According to the Customer Experience Impact Report by Harris Interactive/RightNow, 2010, the top 2 reasons for customer loss are as follows:
1. The customer feels poorly treated
2. Failure to solve a problem in a timely manner
It’s no wonder having honest, unbiased customer feedback available in real time is gold! What better way to find out how your customers feel they were treated, how well your associates are doing their job, not to mention the ability to pinpoint problem areas.

If you’d love to see what your customers think of their interactions with your front line staff, let Fosubo show you how easy it is to get real time feedback from your patrons. Find out how by contacting us today!

4 Key Characteristics to Look for in a Customer Service Rep

We all have at least one horrible customer service experience. Finding the right staff to handle customer complaints can be a big challenge and not everyone is cut out for this position. Upset customers can get downright nasty so it’s important to have the right personnel to handle these situations with care. Here are some key characteristics to look for when trying to find the ideal customer care expert.

1. Patience
Dealing with angry customers takes patience – a lot of it! A top notch customer service rep will have plenty of patience, along with the ability to remain calm at all times. Though it might be tempting to respond to a raised voice in the same manner, a skilled CSR will be able to remain unruffled and composed, which often appeases the patron.


2 (1)
2. Respect
Respectful employees are always a good thing – a respectful customer service rep is a must-have. A customer that is treated with respect – regardless of the situation, is a lot more likely to spend money in your establishment, speak highly of your business, recommend your services and return for future purchases.


3 (1)
3. Empathy
When having to deal with an upset or angry customer, an understanding and sympathetic CSR is another must. The ability to listen, to place themselves in the customer’s shoes and truly acknowledge that person’s complaint from their perspective will make a world of difference in calming the customer.


4 (1)
4. Problem Solver
Having all of these qualities is great, though not very helpful if the problem cannot be solved. A skilled CSR will have the ability to understand what the problem is and piece together a solution. This may not always be possible of course, however, an expert will strive to find a way to appease the customer or come up with a compromise to satisfy them.

Always remember, a happy customer is a repeat customer and a skilled customer care expert is essential in helping your company run smoothly. If you’d love to see what your customers think of their interactions with your front line staff, let Fosubo show you how easy it is to get real time feedback from your patrons. Find out how by contacting us today!

5 Tips to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Let’s face it, customers are the most important part of your business. You might have the best product out there, but without customers, your business is nothing. Getting customers is one thing, keeping them is a whole different story.

Having worked in the Customer Service industry for over 20 years, I’ve learned a lot. Here are a few pointers and tips to make sure every customer is a happy, satisfied one.

1. Know Your Product
The best way to offer great customer support is to know your product inside and out. Strive to learn everything about it, become an expert in all its functions and features. It’s easy to answer questions if you know the product. There will of course be times when a question leaves you stumped. Nobody likes to hear “I don’t know” as a reply to a question, however, letting them know that you WILL get the answers will go a long way in showing the customer you care.



2. Clear Communication
Always keep any form of communication clear and concise, and most of all, keep it simple. Offer precise step by step resolutions without throwing in complicated or unnecessary words. If replying by email, adding diagrams, pictures or videos can go a long way in explaining what you mean without needing to include long and wordy instructions.


3. Make the Customer Feel

Be warm, friendly, attentive and courteous and be sure to make the customer feel welcome and appreciated. A customer is a lot more likely to spend money where they feel valued and respected.


4. Listen, Empathize, and Find
a Solution
Carefully listen to the customer without interrupting – they want to know that you are paying attention to what they are saying. Empathize with the customer, let them know you understand how they feel and be sincere in your apology. Find a solution to their problem and help resolve it.


5. Follow-Up
Try as you might, sometimes problems just can’t be resolved instantly. Be sure to tell the customer what you are doing to fix their issue and follow up with them as things progress. Even if you still don’t have a solution, they will appreciate the fact that you are reaching out and haven’t forgotten about them.

Of course there are many other ways to offer great customer service. Start by practicing these tips and you’ll notice a marked increase in customer satisfaction and happiness.

If you’d like a clear insight into how YOUR customers view your business, Fosubo offers the perfect tool with direct customer feedback based on their purchase and interaction with your frontline staff. Find out how by contacting us today!

The little mistake that cost businesses valuable customers

A business is only as successful as it’s weakest link, and when businesses grow, employee accountability is one aspect that can easily fall to the wayside. The more employees a company has, the harder it is to monitor individual daily interactions. Did your customers have a positive interaction with your front-line staff? Did they leave your establishment feeling satisfied, and with all their questions answered? Did your staff offer the customer any relevant add-ons or promotional materials? Even well trained, seasoned employees can sometimes falter, and all members of an organization are more likely to work to their full potential when they are being held accountable for their interactions. Employers would be shocked at some of the more extreme customer reviews we’ve received, such as employees sleeping on the counter, openly gossiping or taking personal phone calls.


In fact, in one case study, we found that out of 14 employees who received coaching after one negative review never received another negative review again.

Wouldn’t you want to know?

The Solution

Customer feedback is by far one of the best tools for ensuring front-line staff accountability. Not only does real-time customer feedback allow businesses to identify problem areas, but positive customer feedback creates a confident and rewarding work environment for employees. Identifying and rewarding top performers not only enhances employee retention of your rockstar staff members, but in turn, sets the bar higher for all other members of your organization. Reducing employee churn not only saves companies time and money in training costs, but more importantly, allows your company to foster long-term customer-employee relationships built on familiarity and trust.

Fosubo provides immediate, real time customer feedback, allowing for employees to learn from each interaction. Employees cannot ignore direct customer feedback! Additionally, Fosubo believes that transparency is the key to achieving maximum accountability. Fosubo’s unique dashboard allows for every member of the organization to see all customer reviews and learn from their peers. If a negative review is detected, an alert is sent to the manager and they are able to reach out immediately to correct the mistake and save the customer. It also opens up the opportunity for additional training to be provided.

How do your customers interact with your front-line associates?

As a business owner, wouldn’t you want to know?

Business Woman Agrees

Fosubo has received more than 37,000 customer reviews to date, helping business owners better understand their customers’ needs and note which staff members really go above and beyond. Real-time customer feedback made directly available to front-line associates keeps everyone accountable and shines a spotlight on what’s really working.

Here is what customers have had to say about representatives of Verizon Premium Wireless Retailer My Bullfrog:

“Rachel should be training other employees. I thought customer service was dead in this country until I met Rachel, what a refreshing experience! I have referred 4 customers to her in less than 24 hours”

“Griffin did such a great job explaining our new plan and helping my wife with the features of her new phone, that I returned to Griffin when ready to upgrade my phone.”

Word of mouth is notoriously difficult to track, but thanks to Fosubo’s simple, fast and easy to use feedback platform, businesses can closely monitor their net promoter scores. Our clients report seeing a marked increase in their NPS almost immediately. With the accountability this level of customer feedback allows, an overwhelming 92% of customer feedback is positive.

Fosubo also helps companies notice your promoters preferred associates, allowing businesses to connect employees to their favourite agents, fostering customer-employee relationships and strengthening future interactions. Fosubo provides the tools for companies to see ahead, taking action today to ensure long term, continuous success.

Fosubo’s best Customer Service Story of the Week!

It’s #FeedbackFriday!

One of the best parts about working at Fosubo is getting the chance to see all the amazing customer feedback celebrating Rock-Star front-line staff. Every Friday we look forward to sharing with you our favorite customer service story of the week, and celebrating the associates who go above and beyond in the name of customer service.

Stories like this remind us why receiving customer feedback is so valuable, and inspiring to all of us working in customer service fields.

This week’s best customer service story is from Daniel Spendlove, assistant manager from GoWireless in Gig Harbor WA. Daniel received the following review:


“Daniel is a terrific young man, very professional, patient and knowledgeable. We watched him assist an elderly man with his flip phone, and with such grace. Daniel was working the store alone last night. He not only assisted me in buying a Phone. But was able to assist four others who came in to pay bills. Ask questions and answer incoming phone calls. This young man demonstrates a great amount of pride in his work and a work ethic we hardly see anymore in young people these days..”

We were able to reach out to Daniel to ask him about his customer service strategies,  and this is what he had to say:

qwI listen to my customers — this is the most important thing that I do for them. Listening without judgement, making eye contact and using names remind the customer that they are individuals and deserve to be treated as such. I don’t allow customers to be passed over due to an increased workload. I’m patient with each customer, I give them my undivided attention and I’m committed to giving them a positive experience they won’t forget.

We think associates that go above and beyond deserve recognition, so congrats Daniel!